Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Grey Dog: New York, New York

It was Parent Weekend here at Hofstra, this meaning free dinner: ate elsewhere; free concert: didn't go; free brunch: slept late and called it lunch. I did, however, participate in the Parent part of Parent Weekend. This being said, my parents and I decided to make our own agenda. We headed into the city, East Village to be exact. We found ourselves at the Grey Dog. With three locations you have no excuse but to have a cappuccino, an espresso, a beer, or an I-am-skinny-and-pretty-in-order-to-make-your-self-esteem-go-down water to complement your meal.
The wide framed double doors were left open during our Saturday night Grey Dog experience, raising the appeal quite a bit. The Grey Dog is a good kind of claustrophobic --the sitting-upon-strangers-fighting-for-a-table-most-intimate-meal-you’ve-had-with-family kind of claustrophobic. The walls are mostly exposed brick which I have previously expressed my love for. I’m convinced that the workers all paint in their free time and drink special concoctions that make you sweet, funny and rather attractive. If any of you guys are available, call me. Area code (I’m); Number (totally but not really) Extension (kidding).
The food is food that makes you that perfect amount of full. Where you stand up at a normal rate, not the “All you can eat” restaurant stand where you cautiously grip the table with one hand the other on your chair, moaning all the while as your legs hold the newly added weight. When you order, you give your name thus leading to a special moment of hearing your name yelled throughout the restaurant until you promptly alert the employee that those dishes are yours. And with how the food looks, trust me it will be promptly. I had an Arugula salad with Avocado and Chicken. It was meant to get Salmon but I’m a diva, so what are ya gonna do. My mom had the #1 (in order to figure out exactly what that is you will have to give yourself the pleasure of heading to Grey Dog). Lucky enough for my mom she was able to get that on gluten free bread. (Insert cheers from my mother) All the while, my dad ravishing over his portobello mushroom sandwich. Topped off by a cheese board to be shared among the three of us, we left very happy people.
If you like good food, an artsy atmosphere and an overall quality experience then make sure to head to University Place, West 16th Street or Mulberry Street in Manhattan to get your fix of Grey Dog. Warning: you may and will most likely become addicted, so much so you will want to become a regular thus leading to you ultimately moving to NYC. So thank you Grey Dog, for the over populated city that we all love so dearly.

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